14 People Who Got the Opposite of What They Expected

Reality is often disappointing. Online purchases can sometimes be deceiving. We know all our products on our website are 100% unique and always meet the expectations of our buyers.

For the record, not all vendors online provide exactly what you see in the pictures. This, in fact, happens to the best of online shopping platforms. So always read the reviews of products before you make any purchase.

We at strobeam have arranged some real life experience for you. Here’s 14 people who got the opposite of what they ordered.  Comment your favorite one and get a chance to win 95% off all purchase on strobeam for a week.

#1 When You are Excited About Looking Porch This Summer!

    #2 Yeeee! Ima Be A Model Real Soon…

      #3 This girl whose sunglasses were a little smaller than anticipated

        #4 Yea, I’m Never Gonna let me dad buy my clothes Again

          #5 Hmmm. #arsh tag Kaye West and Lil Pump (I love it).

            #6 When you are expecting a human sample.

            Girl: Ooh, ooh Can I get something to smoothing me face?

            Brand: Yes!

              #7 I wanna Fix my smile.

                #8 Never mind I will just use the dentist next time

                  #9 Can someone call 911?

                    #10 Holy Cow. What is that. Please I need a refund ASAP!

                    #11 The Lion King

                      #12 Good Services are hard to find nowadays LOL!

                        #13 Always double-check the size: I learnt the hard way

                          #14 Happy Birthday!

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