4 Movies That Accurately Predicted The Coronavirus Outbreak

2020. The year of the underdog *a new decade  *a new millennial, the year I and most people on the planet set out to be nothing but the very best, the year I anticipated myself as the next business tycoon. OK, OK OK. Enough with the mumble jumbo. I reckoned this was supposed to be the year of entrepreneurship and spontaneous solidarity. Apparently, I was living too early in a dream.

Media City – Manchester

Amidst an outbreak out of the no-where (Wuhan is somewhere), we are forced to stay within the comfort of our homes.  Oh, the razzle-dazzle in the main streets of Manchester, the white collars and suede boots marching the great city of the United Kingdom. I woke up one morning suddenly it was all gone, it was as if we was living in a post-apocalyptic world. With everyone behind closed doors, I suddenly realized that there’s no city without its people, the same way there’s no school without its students.

Just how much a crisis can make one miss the experience of being an entrepreneur, the workless hours of commuting from place to place, beers with peers and all the handshakes after a successful rendezvous is quite uncanny.

With the strict isolation protocols enforced in major parts of the world (OK maybe the entire world) amid the fears stroked by Coronavirus, we humans have developed new habits of streaming movies and music. (As if it wasn’t part of our daily routine before).

Being the very thing I detest so much as a young entrepreneur (A Movie Watcher), I found my self amongst the crowd of movie watchers (if there’s any such thing) with hours of searching the internet for pandemic movies and behold I encountered 4 movies (technically 2 movies and 2 tv-shows) that actually predicted the current COVID-19 outbreak and I must say these films are 100% accurate. (for the most part).

1. Contagion (2011) 

This 2011 movie about a pandemic with potentially eerie similarities to recent events has been climbing up the iTunes rental charts and has become the most-watched movie online, reflecting how people often use fiction as a means to process reality. The movie begins with a woman (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) who returns to Minnesota, USA, with a strange illness after a trip to Hong Kong. 

In a matter of days, she’s dead, leaving her husband (Matt Damon) in a state of shock, before others begin exhibiting the same symptoms. As the outbreak spreads across the world, the public starts hoarding daily items like toilet papers, triggered by fear and paranoia. (Sounds Familiar?).

Fact is supposed to be stranger than fiction I reckon. I must say after watching this movie for the first time, it felt like I was on a trip to the future past. (Don’t ask me because I’ve no idea what I mean by future past – thank you X-men).

2. The Flu (2013)

Some 7 years back, a South Korean disaster film called ‘Flu’ predicted a similar outbreak in the country.

This movie accurately shows the incompetency of the government and the bastardised role of politics and its inability to make wise decisions. The movie showcase how the governments of various countries fail to control a pandemic.

Written and directed by Kim Sung-su, it is about an outbreak of a deadly strain of H5N1 that kills its victims within 36 hours, throwing the district of Bundang in Seongnam, which has a population of nearly half a million people, into chaos.

Once the outbreak happens, the country witnesses a complete collapse in the economy. While disparaging the need for quarantine, administrators and politicians are confronted with a catastrophic situation as people collapse in the streets, including drivers who cause a series of violent crashes. Hospitals and communication systems become overwhelmed, and a quarantine is initiated.

Where is spontaneous solidarity when you need it.

3. My Secret Terrius – S1 E10 (2018)

This Netflix drama series predicted the Coronavirus pandemic 2 years ahead of the outbreak and its bizarrely accurate to me and many other people on the planet who disagree the Coronavirus started because of a wanker who ”fancied bat soup”. As if we didn’t already know its part of the Chinese culture to eat anything with wings (except a plane of course).

The outbreak was predicted on the first season of the series on episode 10 which featured a strain of Coronavirus mutated by bio-terrorists to be used as a weapon, leaving doctors desperate to find a cure.

In the series, a character compares the fictional virus to MERS, saying: “Someone tweaked it to increase the mortality rate to 90 per cent.

What’s more shocking, she adds, “is that the coronavirus has an incubation period of two to 14 days.

“The virus was manipulated to attack the lungs directly within just five minutes of being exposed.” – (That’s rough!)

She goes on to describe how there’s no cure for the disease. Later on in the episode, school children are taught how to wash their hands, in the same manner the media suggests we wash our hands. OK it might all be coincidental (My inner mind says – “NO S**T”) One movie may be considered just fiction, two, ok maybe a coincidence, but three, four and five and about ten more others? I don’t know about you… but from the looks of it, “Fiction is now stranger than facts”. 

As an entrepreneur, we are taught that conducting due diligence before any partnership and whatnot is often part of the memo. I suppose that doesn’t really apply when watching a movie. According to my extensive research, its shown that the Human Coronavirus was first discovered in the late 60s, but this Netflix series does make logical sense on the claims of the Coronavirus being a bioweapon. I’d like to know your take on that in the comments.

4. The Simpsons

Yea, you probably guessed at one point that this series was gonna show up on the list. The Simpsons have become the harbinger of realistic predictions, like that time the animated series predicted Donald Trump as the American president back in the 2010s. (OK chill, we all know the Simpsons is famous for predicting world crisis).

Tom Hanks – The Simpsons

I’m not close to the creators of the series, but one thing I know for sure is that the creators of this show have somehow been to the future and back. In one of the episodes aired in 2007, Tom Hanks coronavirus isolation was ‘predicted’ by his cameo, although most claim to be a prediction, it would be unfair for me to ride along with the mass. Some other episodes in the series did use terms like social distancing and a Coronavirus like concept.

Finally, I know what you are thinking, (yes I do), (HOLY S**T) – LMAO. All the same, Kudos to China for successfully starting the 3rd World War without launching a single nuclear weapon. If there’s one thing I take away from this global pandemic and how we are handling it, is;

America is often overrated, 

We Europeans are not as clever and educated as everyone thinks

and Africans… (well, will always be Africans). 

Ben Emma

Either way, it’s funny how one misguided decision or thoughtless action can have a devastating domino effect, sowing the seeds of destruction in a vast, interconnected world.

As you may have guessed, this isn’t the typical blog stereotype. It was made out of love for the NHS who are risking their lives to save more lives. #hashtag: who needs a hero when you have the NHS.? All the same, stay safe everyone and happy quarantine.

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