5 Different Ways To Wear Sheer Clothing And Still Make It Trend

We Challenged a Sheer Clothing Skeptic to Shop and Style the Trend 5 Different Ways

There’s usually a certain vibe attached to wearing sheer clothing, and to be frank, it’s not one I’d really consider sporting on the daily. Sheer clothing reminds me of teenagers sneaking into bars and T-shirts worn so thin they’ve become translucent. These clothes aren’t opaque enough to wear to the office, nor are they low-key enough to wear to brunch. Sheer clothing is a statement-making sartorial movement—and one that seems incredibly hard for anyone over the age of 17 to pull off.

Despite these obvious aesthetic setbacks, the sheer clothing trend is happening. Sheer pieces are all over my Instagram feed and all up in my favorite retailers. And as you may have noticed from seeing my previous styling stories (or even my Instagram), I’m all about trying out trends that aren’t a) something I’d normally pick up at the store or b) something I’d know how to toss on and style with ease. The sheer clothing trend fits both these criteria. And, to be completely honest, I’ve struggled with weight and body image in the past, so the idea of showing off a ton of skin has long seemed uncomfortable and unnecessary to me. Now that I’m feeling more at home in my body—and now that sheer clothes are seriously trending—I’ve decided to give translucent styles a shot.

When choosing my sheer pieces, I wanted to opt for different styles, of course. But I also wanted items that would work for different occasions. How could I wear sheer clothes to a friend’s wedding, for example? Or to get drinks with my squad? From there, I simply began my quest to make sheer clothing genuinely wearable.

STYLECASTER | We Challenged a Sheer Clothes Skeptic to Shop and Style the Trend 5 Different Ways
Top: Missguided | Skirt: Missguided | Shoes: Lulus | Hat: writer’s own | Bag: writer’s own

I’ve never been one to shy away from color, so throwing these bold pinks together wasn’t an issue for me. The real problem was that I had a nude bra on underneath this mesh pink polka dot top. (A bolder shade probably would’ve looked better—and more obviously there. Oh well!)

What’s interesting? Though I felt almost-naked, I remained pretty comfortable. Though the top looks pretty opaque in the photo, you could definitely see some skin in-person. I felt exposed but pretty confident—a fact that surprised me (and got me pretty excited for the rest of this experiment).

STYLECASTER | We Challenged a Sheer Clothes Skeptic to Shop and Style the Trend 5 Different Ways
Two-Piece Set: Missguided | Kimono: Lulus | Hat: Lulus | Shoes: Lulus

This sheer piece was one I could get down with (and definitely will multiple times this summer). All the extra material made this kimono incredibly fun and playful;  all I wanted to do was twirl around in a field of flowers a la The Sound of Music. Underneath, I wore a crop top with a matching pair of culottes.

I really appreciated the subtle coverage this one gave me, as it was more outerwear than top or bottom. Even better? This kimono would definitely double as a great swim cover-up.

STYLECASTER | We Challenged a Sheer Clothes Skeptic to Shop and Style the Trend 5 Different Ways
Skirt: Missguided | Top: Missguided | Belt Bag: Missguided | Shoes: Lulus

This top was definitely further outside of my comfort zone than the pieces I styled before it. I love the color, but wow that top was sheer.

I made sure to wear a cropped tank underneath to keep my bra from dominating the look. In an effort to keep things looking sleek and sophisticated, I paired this club-worthy top with a somewhat office-appropriate silk midi skirt.

STYLECASTER | We Challenged a Sheer Clothes Skeptic to Shop and Style the Trend 5 Different Ways
Dress: Lulus | Hat: Lulus

I loved that the bottom of this dress—rather than the top—was what lacked opacity. That felt like a fun, fresh approach to the sheer clothing trend—and it offered me the sex appeal of a mini skirt, without forcing me to sacrifice the sheer comfort of a maxi.

After one day of wearing this dress, I became convinced it would be perfect for a summer wedding. Not only is it cute and dress code-appropriate, but it’s also weather-friendly—the sheer bottom layers would definitely allow you to capitalize on any summer breeze that comes your way.

STYLECASTER | We Challenged a Sheer Clothes Skeptic to Shop and Style the Trend 5 Different WaysTop: Lulus | Shoes: Lulus | Dress: vintage, writer’s own | Hat: Lulus

Of all the sheer pieces I worked with, this one was easily the most versatile. Here, I tossed it over one of my favorite vintage dresses. As soon as I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I fell in love with this top, as it really added a fun touch to an otherwise basic dress.

Perfect for surprisingly cool summer nights—and occasions when you can’t bear to wear a jacket—this sweater is an absolute must.

Credits: StyleCaster

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