Artist Turns Lion King's Live Action Movie Characters to 3D Painting

The lion king is one we all know to be a unique masterpiece. It’s no secret that this movie is one of the most beloved animated movie of all time. The characters and the story-line give both adults and kids alike a sweet sense of inspiration. The odds are 9 out of 10 people love the original classic.  The live-action remake on the other end has divided the audience. Yes, you are right  It’s a blockbuster but many critics aren’t sure it should exist.  As for most, it’s a live-action movie and as such it’s supposed to look realistic and different from the original. Others believe the remake is far too realistic and has very little personality compared to the original.  

Yes, it’s Hollywood, there’s always the possibility of critics provoking philosophical debates. I on the other end, Love both the original classic and the Live-action remake. I mean what could be better than seeing your favorite childhood characters come to life.

Since there’s just too many fussy critics around, Artists  Ellejart and  Feo decided to draw the most amazing fan art poster of what the Lion King remake would have looked like if the movie’s creators would have made a live-action version that was faithful to the original style. However, you may have your own opinion. Freedom of expression is allowed here on ViewTuber.  So scroll down, share with your friends, comment and upvote your favorite fan edits of the remake. 

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