Clockwork Aquario, the long lost arcade platformer, is coming to Switch and PlayStation 4

Clockwork Aquario, an unreleased arcade platformer from the ‘90s, will be released for Switch and PlayStation 4 this year (via Destructoid).

This surprise comes from the combined efforts of physical retailer Strictly Limited Games and publisher ININ Games. The former toiled for three years to source the unfinished and unreleased code for Clockwork Aquario, or its original Japanese title, Tokeijikake no Aquario. Developed by Westone Bit Entertainment, the game was intended to deliver an unbelievable experience on the Sega System 18 hardware, to truly push the machine to its limits. Sadly, the game never made its release, as it was thought that its core 2D gameplay had been left behind by the advancing arcade market.

There is a happy ending for Clockwork Aquario, after all, now that licence-holders Sega M2 have given the green light to Strictly Limited Games and ININ Games. The colourful co-op platformer will be revived with the work of members of the original team, like programmer Takanori Kurihara, composer Shinichi Sakamoto, and Wonder Boy creator, Ryuichi Nishizawa.

Clockwork Aquario comes to PlayStation 4 and Switch in 2020. 

Source: VideoGamer

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