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Andrew Castilleja, CIC, CCC, CMIC

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September 1, 2019
Extremely useful writeups. 5 star*****
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Andrew Castilleja

Certified Image & Color Consultant

Andrew Castilleja is on a mission to restore confidence, self-esteem, and individuality to the world, one person at a time. He helps to build clients individual look, style & personality through image enhancement & confidence coaching.

Andrew is a graduate of the Fashion Stylist Institute (FSI) of Sacramento, CA. While enrolled at the Fashion Stylist Institute he obtained certification as an Image Consultant (CIC), Men’s Image Consultant (CMIC) and Color Consultant (CCC). On September 4th, 2017, Andrew opened Haus Of Style Image Consulting, Portlands Premier Image Consulting Firm. Haus Of Style Image Consulting is currently the FIRST & ONLY Image Consulting Business in the State of Oregon to become Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited. Andrew is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), which is the leading and most significant professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide; he is also a member of the International Association of Professional Image Consultants (IAPO).

In addition to being certified as an image consultant and color analyst, Andrew has over 11 years of fashion retail experience and eight years of retail store management experience. He is an expert in high-end customer service and retail sales. Andrew has the extraordinary ability to deliver record-breaking results as well as a high customer service experience in various settings; this sets him apart from his competitors. He handles situations that arise in the workplace with confidence, poise, and patience while working efficiently with his team to continually exceed upper management/company standards and expectations. Andrew maintains a constant strive to build long-lasting relationships with any and all customers he may come into contact with. In the past, Andrew has been recognized for delivering unparalleled results and customer service. He has impeccable references which support a verifiable track record of success.



Virtual Image Consulting

Not located in a city that Haus Of Style offers image consulting, fashion consulting, and personal shopping services? Then our Virtual Image Consulting Services are the exclusive option for you! Haus Of Style offers virtual makeovers by providing a personal online shopper and stylist!

Personal Image Consulting

To truly know what people think of your overall image, you must observe your observer. Your image is what speaks the loudest volume when no words are being said. If you don’t focus on your image, nobody else will! The image you project to the outside world around you should be a clear representation of your personality, lifestyle, career goals an social objectives

Corporate Image Consulting

Our corporate image consulting services help to establish an identity for corporations, small business, and groups. Sometimes a company needs a unified front or well established image in order to represent their brand, products, or clients.

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