Mario Kart Tour London update raises questions about Waluigi’s nationality

The Mario Kart Tour London update is now live and it comes with a new touristy track, themed items, and two new drivers (via Resetera). 

So, the London Tour shows off the sights in the capital in a new track. Super Tier racers Daisy and Waluigi have new togs, too. The princess has a Holiday Cheer outfit, her special item is the Lucky Seven, and she drives a kart that looks like a present. Koopa Troopa dons a baseball cap while on tour, but what is curious is Waluigi’s themed costume. Rather than follow a festive look, like Daisy, or a low-key accessory, like Koopa, Waluigi gets a dapper flat cap and drives a double decker bus. 

These additions to Waluigi’s character has gotten one fan in a state. Mario and Luigi are tradesmen of Italian heritage, and Wario and Waluigi are their rivals. One would assume that the dastardly duo also hail from Italy, but Waluigi’s outfit seems to say he has British roots. “For instance, since Mario Party 8, Waluigi has been associated with Red Roses, Before we thought it was him trying to be romantic but has he instead all this time been honoring his home country (which has the red rose as its flower)?” said Resetera user Xaszatm. Another user weighed in with the realisation that Waluigi was designed by Camelot employee, Fumihide Aoki. In which legend does Camelot appear …?

Bear in mind, Peach got a Frenchified costume with the Paris update, and that presumably did not mean that she is the only surviving French monarch who took refuge in a sewer pipe during the Revolution and became princess of another culinary kingdom. Take this theory with a handful of salt. 

Mario Kart Tour is out now for mobile platforms and the London Tour will end on December 17. Watch the trailer below. 


Source: VideoGamer

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