RuneScape developer Jagex has been acquired for $530 million

Jagex, the developer of the iconic MMO RuneScape, has been bought for $530 million by Macarthur Fortune Holding (via

Throughout last year, Jagex had shot down speculation that the studio was to be sold, but this report has confirmed that a US firm was in talks to snap up the UK developer. Macarthur Fortune aims to “strategically invest in marketing, research and development to help Jagex grow the playerbase for its RuneScape MMOs.” In spite of the acquisition, it seems that not much will change—the management team will continue to be located in Cambridge, England, and planning for the future of Runescape is what it was doing already. 

Also, the deal marks a $230 million profit for former owner Shanghai Hongtou Network Technology, which is a division of the Chinese games company, Fukong Interactive Entertainment. “The combined strength of Macarthur Fortune and Jagex will both support and enhance our strategic plan to deliver great gaming experiences to our communities of RuneScape players and build on our portfolio with more living games for a global audience,” said Phil Mansell, Jagex CEO, in a statement.

Source: VideoGamer

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