Square Enix is ending updates for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will not be updated from this point forward, but Team Ninja and Square Enix will continue to ensure the game is playable online (via Twitter).

As an arena fighter that features a roster of Final Fantasy heroes and villains, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was a port of an arcade game which was then released for PC and PlayStation 4 in 2018. Sadly, the home version didn’t enjoy the same success as its original, and met with mixed reviews and a poor commercial performance. Square Enix kept its chin up and expressed that promotions and updates would let the game bounce back from its disappointing launch. To help with this, the publisher made the game free-to-play and supported it with the addition of DLC characters like Tifa Lockhart, Snow Villiers, Rinoa Heartlilly, and others.

Now, it seems that its efforts and enthusiasm for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT weren’t enough. Team Ninja and Square Enix will no longer work on future updates for the game, but this doesn’t mean this is its last hurrah. It was assured that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will remain playable online. The announcement also revealed that there are no plans for a new game, so this will be the last Dissidia entry for a while.

Source: VideoGamer

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