Stories Untold is coming to Switch and changes the way you play

Stories Untold, the spooky episodic text-based horror game, will be coming to Switch and changes its controls to suit the portable platform (via GameSpot).

Stories Untold comprises four experiences which involves responding to machinery and completing functions to discover what connects the different stories and environments. It’s deeply unsettling to watch the horror unfold through your own actions, and it twists expectations with each episode. The original game relies on the use of a keyboard to progress the game, but the Switch port will introduce a new way to play. 

Instead, there is a menu of actions that the player has access to, with the ability to zoom in and out on the screens of the machines, and rotate objects with the sticks. The Switch has a considerable collection of horror titles, and with Stories Untold joining the ranks soon, it’s an excellent way to get your spooks on the go.

Stories Untold arrives on Nintendo Switch on January 16. Watch the release date trailer below. 


Source: VideoGamer

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