Temtem developer introduces an appeal process following permaban criticism

Crema, the developer of the massively multiplayer monster hunting game Temtem, has relaxed its approach to applying sanctions to players that misuse the game (via Eurogamer).

Crema has since moderated its approach, though it won’t be telling what activity will constitute a ban. “The team spent all morning checking banned accounts and player accounts saying ‘they didn’t do anything illegal’. We re-checked over 100 accounts,” explained the developer in a new post to Twitter. “Every single one of them was a legit ban.” It elaborated that it will not share how it is tracking cheating or exploits, because these players “just want to know more info about the ban in order to avoid it next time they’re using cheats.” And, if players find bugs and unknowingly utilise them in the game, they will not be banned. “Only players intentionally and repeatedly ABUSING exploits are banned,” clarified Crema. “If you play in a regular way you’re OK. We’ve made 100% sure before doing any bans and every data we’ve checked confirms that.”

An appeal process has also been implemented. The developer acknowledged that having no appeal process was not the best move, and provided instructions on how to get in touch to question a ban.

Source: VideoGamer

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