Xbox disassociates from YouTuber who posted content against its “fundamental values of respect”

Microsoft has criticised YouTuber Mil Grau for publishing homophobic, racist, and sexist content, and has requested the removal of its branding from his videos (via The Gamer).

Apparently, Mil Grau has been sharing his unprincipled beliefs through his social media accounts and videos for some time. Reddit user The Era of Luigi has been reporting Mil Grau’s account since 2018, and when these posts were flagged up to Phil Spencer, action was taken against the content creator. As a result, Mil Grau is now banned from Facebook, banned from Twitch, suspended from Twitter, and his YouTube channel has been demonetised.

“The content of the Mil Grau account does not reflect our fundamental values of respect, diversity, and inclusion. We already demanded the immediate removal of our brand from its channels,” said Xbox Brazil last week. Then, YouTube reacted accordingly, and released its own statement slamming Mil Grau’s content. “With user complaints, we are aware of content on the XBOX Mil Grau Channel that violates our policies,” said the company. “The videos have been removed and the channel is permanently suspended from the YouTube Partner Program. We thank everyone who alerted us and reinforce our rejection of all forms of prejudice.”

The news of the Twitch ban came from Mil Grau, in a post he published for his YouTube subscribers. In his official statement, which has been translated by The Era of Luigi, he has “never committed acts of racism or discrimination, on the contrary, we always treat and invite viewers to our broadcasts and games without worrying about color, belief, gender or social class.” Yet, he stated that his channel is “recommended for 18+,” and his material has used “jokes known as “black humor” (Dark Humor), also made by several humorists around the world.” 

“I apologize for the publication, in which I had no intention of offending anyone,” he continued, referring to a racist meme made of the Black Lives Matter protests. “I’m being blamed for the crime of racism that I didn’t commit, but rather a misunderstanding with an acid humor post whose creation wasn’t even mine!” Mil Grau assures that he will be “back soon,” though he will not use Twitch nor Xbox branding when he does return. 

Source: VideoGamer

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